Energizer Bunny Itinerary

Thanks to some dear friends of ours who came for a fabulous four-day expedited adventure trip, we now have an itinerary that we know works. If you love the outdoors, this is the plan for you from late May to the end of July!

Arrival: Wednesday mid-morning to noon

12 – 1 p.m. Boesen High-Level Tour – sit back and enjoy a scenic short road trip and visit Horsetooth Reservoir, a bit of Old Town and wind up at the New Belgium Brewery for lunch at the best food truck in Fort Collins, La Piadina.

2-5 p.m. -Drop your duds off, have a map orientation session and head out to the foothills on Spring Creek Trail.


7p.m. – Head over to Social for a cocktail and out for dinner or head on over to Ace Gillette’s for cocktails and dinner. Both are great!


8 – 12 p.m. – Join Mike for 18 holes of golf at Southridge Golf Course that offers great views of the mountains.

Lunch –

1 – 6 p.m. – White water rafting on the Poudre.


8 p.m. – Walk over to the Fox and Crow for wine, beer and wonderful meat and cheese boards designed by YOU!


8 – 11 a.m. – Hike to Horsetooth Rock or the Falls – or both!


11a a.m.  – 1 p.m. – Pack up snacks and a cooler and go for a pontoon boat ride on the reservoir. Pull over to a cove and take a dip in the 70-degree weather. It’s guaranteed to make you feel crispy and wonderful!

Lunch – Choice City Deli. You can’t go wrong with their buffalo Reuben sandwich. The best Reuben ever!

4 p.m. – Bike or drive over to Maxline Brewery for a tasting and some relaxation.

6 p.m. – Go to dinner at one of our local restaurants or head over to Loveland for a nice drive  – Himalayan Bistro, Bizetti’s and Jax for FoCo or Door 222 and Origins in Loveland.


8-12 p.m. – Let’s load up the bikes and head over to the Poudre River Trail from Windsor to Greeley. We can design an activity from 25-40 miles depending on how much you want to ride. Of course, we will end up at Weldworks Brewery in Greeley, winner of the 2016 Best New Brewery in America Award!

3-5 p.m. – Distillery tasting at Feisty Spirits -a distillery that brews pretty much everything in a box of Kashi cereal. Really cool stuff!

6 p.m.- Dinner on the patio with a pre-dinner or post-dinner walk.


8-11 a.m. – This is a great day to bike to Old Town via the Poudre River Trail, look at old houses, admire architecture and have brunch at Silver Grill Cafe, Snooze or Choice City Deli. Or head back to the Boesens for pancakes or waffles!

Noon – Lunch at CB Potts Brewery at Collindale Golf Course.

Depart back to your prior life via Green Ride, Super Shuttle or Boesen Shuttle to DAI. 🙂

Extra credit: walk or cycle to your FoCo destinations of choice!







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