Here is a condensed listing of the breweries in the Fort Collins area.

More details on each, including hours, beers, tours, and their websites can be found at:

Fort Collins


Zwei Brewing


This German-style brewery, also brings American and Belgian styles to their taps as well. Zwei Brewing has a food truck by the front entrance of the brewery. Also, if you want to enjoy your own food to eat at the brewery go ahead and bring it.  There is lots of seating inside and out.  Worth a look are nice big tables made from beetle kill. Beers like the Dunkel and Helles are their specialty, and for those serious beer drinkers you can get your beer in a German stein! Prost!

 new belgium

New Belgium Brewing


Right behind Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada breweries, this is the 4th largest micro-brewery in the nation. New Belgium put Fort Collins on the beer map with their Fat Tire Amber ale. The company is 100% employee owned and runs the Tour de Fat every year in select cities across the United States. Definitely worth going on a tour of this brewery with it’s massive maze-like wood barrel aging room…the largest in the nation.  Be warned, there is often a multi-week wait for tour openings.  Sign up is on line.


Odell Brewing Company


Every time you go back to Odell Brewing there’s something new to try. A recent expansion has a new tap room and more seating inside and outside. Look for food trucks in the parking lot on your way to the front entrance. Their beer 90 Shilling is what put them on the map, their Easy Street Wheat pleases on hot days, and their IPA is the consensus local favorite.  They feature summer concerts on the patio.


Maxline Brewing

The newest brewery in Fort Collins!   Maxline Brewing is the financially affiliated brewery of the Waterford Inn and is our personal favorite.  It is located on the Mason bike trail, about two miles west of the Waterford Inn as the crow flies or pedaling on bike dedicated street lanes; or about three miles using the scenic (Power / Spring Creek / Mason bike trails) route.


The Fort Collins Brewery


One of the older breweries in Fort Collins, this brewery was originally called H.C. Berger Brewery.  It reopened as The Fort Collins Brewery in 2003.  It features the FCB Modern Tavern, a top eating establishment with fresh, locally sourced comfort foods with a modern twist.  Their Oktoberfest won a gold medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival, and with beers like the Chocolate Stout and 1020 Pale Ale you can’t go wrong.


Rally King Brewing


Probably the second closest brewery to the Waterford Inn, Rally King Brewing is just a couple miles of leisurely bike ride on the Power and Spring Creek bike trails.  Rally to this local neighborhood brewery or make it one of your pit stops. Quench your thirst with beers such as the Surfer Girl Pale ale.  They have plenty of seating inside and a nice little porch area outside.

black bottle

Black Bottle Brewery


This is a great little hidden gem that made both our brewery and tap room lists because they brew their own beer and serve other beers as well. Not too far from the Waterford Inn, and near the Spring Creek trail, it’s an easy bike ride. Black Bottle Brewery brews their own beer, out of sight in the basement, just below where you sit.  BBB has 40 taps, a full service bar with wine and liquor and an excellent menu. Along with rotating selections of their own beer, they feature guest taps from other breweries in Colorado and from around the world.


Equinox Brewing


This quaint spot is in downtown Fort Collins and has a great beer garden in the back, right next to where they do all their brewing. Equinox balances old styles of beer with new concepts and ingredients. Their beer selection changes on a weekly basis, and Equinox has made close to 100 different beers since they’ve been open. When the weather is warm this is a great spot to watch some local musicians in the beer garden while sipping on a beer of your choice.




This brewery is a great and unique little place and stands out from the other breweries. Funkwerks specializes in the Saison style of beer which comes from Belgium, where these beers have a distinct spicy flavor due to the specific strain of yeast they use. Their Imperial Saison Ale called Tropic King and their Raspberry Provincial (which won a gold medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival), really take you to a different part of the beer world. If you’re really looking for something funky and different…this is the place for you.


Jessup Farm Barrel House


This old farmhouse is only a couple miles up the Power bike trail from The Waterford Inn. The philosophy at Jessup Farm Barrel House is to not overwhelm you with really strong beers, but to overwhelm you with beers with unique flavors. They make a traditional ales here, but add options of barrel aging, getting blended flavors from each type of barrel they use. This approach makes for an interesting “compare and contrast” flight.  This brewery is also embedded into a great little artisan village with a place for coffee, a bakery and restaurant as well.  A one stop shop for all your needs!

 horse and dragon.jpg

Horse & Dragon Brewing Company


It’s the little red brewery that could! This fun little place is just down the way from Funkwerks in front of the old Fort Collins Municipal Airport, and it stands out from all the other buildings around it. Seriously, you can’t miss it and you really don’t want to. The beer is great, but several flavors stand out the most. Like the Flagstone Copper Ale, which really quenches one’s thirst for great beer, and the Whistle Stop Honey Brown is one of the finest brown ales out there. Grab your brew at the counter and sit down at one of their unique tables with convenient little pint glass holders set into it, or go outside and relax on their patio and enjoy a pint with friends and new acquaintances.


Snowbank Brewing Company


It is sometimes said that today’s snow is tomorrow’s water, which eventually turns into beer. That being said, at Snowbank Brewing Company the snow and water they use, eventually turns into great beer. Located next door just north of Fort Collins Brewery, this brewery has a comfy and clean look to it inside, and a good sized bar.  There’s almost always a food truck of some type right out front as you walk in.

 pateros creek.png

Pateros Creek Brewing Company


Before the Poudre River was “The Poudre”, it was called Pateros Creek by Spanish explorers. This brewery is nestled in the heart of downtown Fort Collins and has a very rustic feel inside. Pateros Creek’s easy drinking brews can also be found in cans outside the brewery. These canned beers include their Brown Porter Ale called Cache La Porter and their Kolsch Style Ale called Old Town Ale. From their Legends lineup to out-of-the-box Renegades, Pateros Creek Brewing Company has something for everyone.


1933 Brewing Company


Prohibition ended in 1933.  So, if you need a cold brew, with no hassle from the Feds, this brewery is located right off of Mason Street in the southern part of Fort Collins.  Walk into this “speakeasy” and you’re invited into a very open seating area with a window behind the bar which allows you to see the brewing in action.  Get into this place quick…before the Feds move in to shut ’em down!

CB potts

C.B. and Potts Restaurant and Brewery


Since the 1970s, located in the west-end of Fort Collins near CSU campus, the original location has been a go-to, classic sports bar.  A second location, in the clubhouse of Collindale Golf Course, is just a short walk from the Waterford Inn.  Sit on the patio, enjoy great food and beer, and watch the golfers finish their round.  The brewery has won various medals at Denver’s Great American Beer Festival over the last few years.


McClellan’s Brewing Company


This brewery, on the west end of Fort Collins, brings the traditional Celtic cask-style ales to the area. Simply put, this means that their beer is “naturally carbonated” through the fermentation process. This style of carbonation brings a more unique flavor profile to your standard ales, and is a lighter and gentler carbonation process that balances out the malt and hop flavors from the first sip to the point it hits the back of your tongue. Usually, cask ales across the pond in England, Ireland and Scotland are served at room temperature. However, here they’ve “Americanized” their beer to be served cold instead. This brewery also has 14 guest taps from other breweries and serves up its own food as well.


CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewery


Is this a pub? A pool hall? A brewery? Well, the answer is “all three.” Coopersmith’s brewpub has made over 147 different types of beers since their doors opened in 1989. This full-service restaurant is located right in the middle of downtown Fort Collins and offers different menus for the pub side and the pool-side. Every Monday night is pizza night on the pool-side, which goes great with their beer. Their full range of beers is available on either side.


Anheuser-Busch Brewery


Budweiser…the king of beers, that got its start in St. Louis Missouri moved to Fort Collins and opened this massive facility in 1988. Whether you enjoy a domestic beer or not, this brewery is impressive just for its sheer size in operations…even if you’re a bit “snobbish” about your beer. Take the tour of this brewery to witness the huge quantity it produces.




City Star Brewing


A destination brewery right on Mountain Avenue in the heart of downtown Berthoud, that apparently has a ghost residing within the walls of the brewery. A small brewery with a distinct Colorado western feel and an attractive vibe with live music usually going on from day-to-day. Plenty of quality beer offerings where American style ales are their focus, and whiskey barrel aged brew is a facet of their experimentation. Beers like their 6 Shooter IPA and the Bandit Brown Ale are very worthwhile. You can find their beer on tap all over Fort Collins in various tap houses and bars. This brewery is a bit out of the way from Fort Collins, but so worth the drive!


Berthoud Brewing Company


Berthoud’s namesake delivers with some great beers right off Mountain Avenue which is the main street that goes through the middle of Berthoud. This brewery has a small town feel inside with walls that are built with old wood siding…almost makes you feel like you’re sitting inside a barn. While you pretend to be “on the farm”, one can enjoy beers with small town names like the Red Barn Irish Red ale and the Farmer Aid Session ale.  An interesting detail about the tap room is the railroad tie tap handles.



Broken Plow Brewery        [have not visited]

This brewery is located in north-central Greeley with a comfortable little taproom. This brewery is clearly grounded in its farming roots, as reflected in the names of the beers and their agriculture-themed tasting room. Randy Waddle, master brewer at the Broken Plow Brewery and his family were originally local farmers in western Weld County. They decided it was time to plant themselves into the craft beer culture and serve you up some great brew! With names like the Prairie Pale Ale, Dust Devil IPA and the Two Rivers Smoked Porter, this brewery doesn’t leave its farming roots too far behind. Don’t miss their signature Chili Wheat beer, which is fantastic. With a comfortable bar, friendly staff and good beer, it’s a sure recipe for an enjoyable afternoon or evening.



WeldWerks Brewing Company


After being different car dealerships for 75 years in downtown Greeley, WeldWerks erected a temple to the beer gods, or a brewery if you will, in late February 2015. This is where a vaulted ceiling, very comfy seating areas, a great bar that wraps around a whole corner, and (of course) great beer come together.  The beer taps rotate quite frequently here and if you can get a pint of the Cherry Gose (pronounced “Gosuh”) you not only are lucky to have had some, but also fortunate to have found it because it’s rumored to go quickly.  The brewery is a good refreshment stop at the east end of the Poudre River Trail Corridor bike ride from Windsor to Greeley.


Crabtree Brewing Company


This is another brewery located in Greeley not too far off of Highway 34. Crabtree Brewing believes in using quality ingredients to make solid beer with distinctive flavors and characteristics. Their beer is worth the drive from Fort Collins and includes names like Chunkin Pumpkin Ale, Boxcar Brown Ale and the Peachtree Cherry Wheat Ale. With a spacious tasting room and an outside patio, for those sunny Colorado days, makes this place another worthwhile stop for any beer lover.

Wiley Roots Brewing Company          [have not visited]

Located on the east end of Greeley a little bit off of Highway 85, this brewery is within an industrial park and a little hard to find, but totally worth the search. Inside you’ll find a very open place with plenty of room, a very large “L-shaped” bar, plenty of tables, and free popcorn to snack on. Wiley Roots opened it’s doors in July 2013 where they serve 5 standard beers, as well a root beer on tap. With beers like the Deep Roots Chocolate Porter and Red Wiley Amber you’re sure to make this trip to Greeley a good one. Wiley also has 2 seasonal taps and a Brewer’s Reserve tap for all to enjoy.

Brix Taphouse & Brewery          [have not visited]

Right on 8th street in downtown Greeley this casual spot has a modern brick feel on the outside and an old brick-style inside. It’s no wonder they named this great beer destination “Brix”. This is a combination tap house and brewery where their small operation brewery just started brewing, and their own beer (They’ll have an Amber ale affectionately named the “Naughty Nun”) should be on tap soon. Regardless, if you enjoy a variety of good beer and styles from around Colorado…this is your spot. Everything they have on tap is beer from Colorado only, and they represent Northern Colorado with pride. They have a small low maintenance kitchen at the end of the bar in back where they serve you tapas, paninis and flatbread pizza. Their motto here is, “Thanks for drinking good beer.” No…thank you for having great beer Brix!




Crow Hop Brewing Company


This brewery in Loveland opened its doors in 2013 and is a great little spot located in downtown Loveland in an old brick building right off of 3rd street. Crow Hop currently has five standard beers, and for those who like lighter beers they have one called Loose Tongue, which is an American golden lager with Pilsner and Helles roots.  It is a very friendly little watering hole with plans to expand outside to the east sidewalk for 25 more people. If you’re a stout fan, the Sleeping Owl Stout is a fantastic Oatmeal Stout with big flavor.


Grimm Brothers Brewhouse


Loveland’s first brewery that was inspired by the stories written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, and of course, they’re inspired by German-style Lagers and Ales too. Grimm Brothers has five year-round beers such as a Alt Style Ale called Little Red Cap and a Dunkel Lager called The Fearless Youth. You can also try many seasonals that they brew throughout the year. They’re located right off of Denver Avenue in a small industrial park, and not too hard to find. You can always get something to eat from the multitude of mobile food vendors that show up outside the tap room in the parking lot.

 loveland ale.jpg

Loveland Aleworks


A great little brewery near downtown Loveland that prides itself on simple, honest beer.  Small batch traditional European and American craft beers are Loveland Aleworks specialty. Aleworks is always rotating through their taps, and there’s a generous selection of board games available to play with friends while enjoying your brew.



Verboten Brewing


Verboten’s beers embrace the trend of incorporating fruit and spice, barrel aging and other distinctive ingredients and processes to make craft beers.  The brewery and taproom are across the street from local distiller, Dancing Pines Distillery.  With the tagline, “beer for all”, Verboten firmly believes there is a beer out there that will appeal to everyone.


 big beaver.jpg

Big Beaver Brewing Company


A local Loveland watering-hole and brewery that is committed to brewing the best beer possible with the lowest environmental impact. At Big Beaver, they believe”There are no strangers here, only friends who have never met”. They pride themselves on brewing without adjuncts, such as corn and rice, and their beers are never filtered or pasteurized. A brewery with plenty of variety, they make beer with 6-8 different kinds of yeast. Great beer names (with adult flair) like Shaved Tail Belgian Ale, Big Woody double IPA, and Hoppy Ending Pale Ale. Every Friday is “free beer” Friday!

 big thompson.jpg

Big Thompson Brewery


The newest brewery in Loveland.  We enjoy picking up a couple Runzas from down the street to pair with their excellent beers and friendly atmosphere.  Their black lager is outstanding and their seasonal beet beer is worth the trip.



 high hops.jpg

High Hops Brewery


How many breweries are attached to a gardening and home brewing store? How many breweries grow their own hops? High Hops does! Located within the small town of Windsor, this place is a must see.  If it’s a nice day sit on their patio, perhaps enjoy some live music and the greatest view of the mountains of any of the breweries in Northern Colorado. It is fantastic for sure!  The brewery is a good refreshment stop at the west end of the Poudre River Trail Corridor bike ride from Windsor to Greeley.



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