Fall Foliage

OK, Fall Foliage may not sound exciting as a destination opportunity on the Front Range and foliage trails sound so New-England-y. But we have been pleasantly surprised by the range of colors on Fort Collins this year. It’s not all about Colorado Aspens!

If you are planning a trip in late September and October,  you will be in for a surprise. Of course, you are more than welcome to travel an hour to go to Rocky Mountain National Park with all the other tourists, or you can hang out here and enjoy all the colors. I love RMNP, and we don’t have the bugling elks, but a Mountain Ash against a clear blue sky is quite remarkable to enjoy.

Another nice drive is along the Poudre River Canyon towards Cameron Pass. It is quiet and a bit remote but has camping and picnic spots about every mile so for the 50ish miles you will drive. There are also multiple hiking trails (remote!) as elevation increases from around 4900 to over 10,000 feet. It’s so gradual, you don’t really notice. As you reach the Pass, you realize you are on the back side of Trail Ridge Drive and the aspens start showing up around 9,000 feet.




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